Some Extra Instructions for Google Site Map Maker

google site map maker

Please Note:

  • To run Google Site Map Maker you will need Microsoft .Net Framework on your computer. You can get it FREE  from

  • Best to install this first,  before Google Site Map Maker


Site Map Maker


    When you initially open the program, you will see the OPTIONS screen.

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  • Options

  • URL: This is the URL the crawler has to start crawling from. Eg.

  • Base URL: This is the Base URL of the above URL. Eg.

  • Process Urls (Max): Maximum number of URLS to process. -1 for unlimited number of URLs.

  • Default Priority: Default priority given to each generated link by the program. You can change the priority of the selected links later.

  • Change Frequency: Again default change frequency. You can change this later.

  • Output File: Location of the file to save the generated sitemap file. This is the local path on your PC to save the sitemap file to.

  • Automatically Create Sitemap file: If you select this option, the program automatically creates your sitemap file after the crawling is completed.

  • File extensions to Follow, Check(not follow): If at all the link contains any extension ( these apply. Otherwise ( the link is added. The first one (Follow) is useful for HTML content (htm,html...). The second one (Check) is useful for multimedia content( images,audio...)



    The filters tab contains two sub tabs Ban URLS and Remove Parameters.

site map maker


  • Ban URLS: If any URL or substring of the URL matches with the any one of the strings here, then the URL is not included and is not crawled. This can be useful in cases where you have private data which should not be crawled by the search engines.

  • Remove Parameters: URL's with one of these parameters will have the parameter dropped before being crawled. This is to remove the SESSION-ID's which should not be added in the sitemap.



    In this tab, you can configure the FTP options.

ftp options


  • Server, Port, Username and Password are self explanatory. Directory is the directory in your FTP path to upload the file. You can specify subdirectories in Unix/Linux fashion Eg. RootDirecotory/SubDirectory1/SubDirectory2 on most regulat hosting accounts this will be www or public_html

  • URL to ping google: This is the URL where the sitemap file (sitemap.gz ) is seen on the web and with which the program pings to google. This changes according to your website structure.

  • Automatically ping google: If this option is checked, the program automatically ping google with the URL given when the crawling is completed

  • Automatically upload file: Again, the file is uploaded automatically using the given FTP options.


    URL list

    In this list you can change the generated list of files.

url list


  • The links the program has found are displayed with the default priority and frequency.

  • You can include or exclude a link with the checkbox in the Include column.

  • You can add a new item with the Add Button and you can delete selected items with the Delete button.

  • You can select items manually or using the builtin search mechanism.

  • Select the type to be searched in the combo box and type the keywork in the textbox and press Enter on your keyboard.

  • Links matching the keywork are selected

  • You can change the properties of the selected items with the Include, Priority, Frequency buttons.


Thanks for using Google Site Map Maker!


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