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Everything You Need to Create Beautiful
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If you are looking for a way to seriously make money on the
internet, then the creation of information products is by far
the easiest and most rewarding way!

An $8Billion Market, the opportunity of the millennium is - eBooks!

eWriter Pro

"This Killer Tool Has Everything Including
Built-In Word Processor And PDF-Converter
To Make Creating Your eBooks A Breeze!"

There are very many ways you can make money on the internet but when you boil it down, there are a few basic methods that really do work. This strategy can get you rolling very quickly - by Selling Digital Products.

All you need to do is 3 Simple things ...

1. Create a Paypal account.
2. Setup Hosting
3. Get Something DIGITAL to Sell!

Now that doesn't sound hard does it? And it's not!

Step 1

is easy and also - free. Just visit PayPal and sign-up - easy. Heck, you probably already have a PayPal account!

Step 2

is not too difficult. You just need somewhere online to host (store) files for you so people can download them automatically after they purchase ... or ... you can simply email them the eBooks after they pay - easy! I use Hostgator.


OK now for ...

Step 3 - you need something DIGITAL to sell. Why digital? Because you can sell it over and over again for 100% profit.

How to Create Your Digital Product

All you need is something DIGITAL that you have the rights to sell - and you are on your way to becoming a software mogul. Just like Bill Gates eh?

If you can type ... then you can create eBooks - quickly and easily with our new professional ebook creator

eWriterPro! Making money has never really been easier with this method - it's just three easy steps ...

1. Type your Text ... 2. Click the PDF Icon ... 3. Click the Save Button!

One Good E-book can make you a small fortune and in that E-book can be easily filled with your own links back to other products you are selling or to affiliate products you promote.

"Use E-Writer Pro to Edit And Publish
All Those PLR Books And Reports
Collecting Dust On Your Hard Drive!"
Think about the possibilities E-Writer Pro can give you.

You have all those Private Label Rights books and articles just sitting there on you Hard Drive Collecting Virtual Dust. Why not use E-Writer Pro to edit that book or article?

Here's a look at one of the panels inside eWriter Pro:

eWriter Pro Professional PDF eBook Creator

Note the easy layout and the modern look. Inserting a footer, for example, is as easy as pie. So is inserting page numbers.

It's easy as pie to insert...

  • images
  • footers
  • page breaks
  • page numbers
  • text  frames 
  • EVEN Hyperlinks!
You'll also have the functionality to secure your eBooks. The screenshot below is of a panel that permits you to add a password  a useful utility in certain sales situations.

One Click PDF Creation -Once you're done writing your ebook,
just hit the PDF icon to instantly turn it into a downloadable
PDF file!

eWriter Pro Professional PDF eBook Creator

Locked And Secured - You'll also have the functionality to secure
your ebooks. The screenshot below is of a panel that permits you to
add a password as well as enable or disable 
printing, copying etc.

You'll be up and running in no time  and you'll produce clean, clear, crisp PDFs. That can add superior value to your infoproducts business

How to Sell Your eBook

There are many places you can sell your eBook online including, of course, eBay!

Once you have an eBay ad that works well, you can list it time after time and literally create your own money-tree. People will buy your product and download your files on completion of their purchase - all automatically - and you get paid straight into your Paypal account - lovely!

Once you have a hosting account setup you can literally sell from anywhere you can advertise online simply using Paypal - it's easy!

What About eBook Covers?

There's no question about it - you will need a good cover. There are free and paid alternatives on the web and I'll show you where to get the best of both! I know where to get the best because selling eBooks is exactly what I do - and I'll show you how I do it so successfully.

I'll show you the method that works and I'll also give you the tools - including an array of free quality eBooks you can sell immediately for 100% profit!!!

Even More Good News!

Oh ... I nearly forgot!

You also get Master Resale Rights to this software, a copy of this Sales Page and a copy of the Manual telling you how to do it all - so, if you don't fancy writing (and even if you do) you can resell this complete package for 100 profit too!

Now - what are you waiting for ...


"Master Resell Rights Included"
(Vista and XP Compatible! Sorry, Mac Fans.)

Secure Payments Made Through PayPal.  

What People Are Saying ...

"eWriterPro is great for writing articles and ebooks, but what I like most is how it keeps everything organized in one place. I can sort by niche or category which is handy when you've got a bunch of different projects going. The backup feature is pretty good too."

Jeff Hiebert


 "At last! A simple tool that makes creating ebooks easy! Instead of fighting behemoth software with arcane commands doing who knows what (that suddenly screw up what you were doing when you accidentally hit the wrong key) -- you can create an ebook practically in the time it takes you to launch the help file of other programs.

Add the utility of the ebook & article buttons and easy-to-find and use backup problems with a reminder - this has got to be darn close to ideal for rapid turn around of articles and ebooks."

Judy Kettenhofen


"Adding text boxes and pictures couldn't be easier. I like being able to pick up just about any format and convert it to a clean looking PDF.

I have used a lot of PDF conversion programs, even some of the free programs but somehow you always loose the formating. With eWriterPro its simple and quick. I also love that the software keeps all of your source non PDF files in an archive to reopen and edit quickly."

Jonathan McGuire

To your Success!

martin burns

Martin Burns

PS - Yes - don't overcomplicate things - it works! If you follow my simple steps, you will be up and running in no time.

To get started right away click that Button Now ...

"Yes Count Me In Right Now!
I Just Have To Have Get Incredible Package For Just $17!
eWriter Pro Professional PDF eBook Creator


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